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Event Venue Association of Nepal

With the blooming of catering business all over Nepal, it is obvious that is was no longer a small time business. The absolute need of the day is to establish an association which will have the authority to monitor the business to avoid unhealthy competition, maintain the reputation of the business by monitoring hygiene, and also to solve common problems faced by the catering business community.

EVAN finally took its shape on ............................... with the registration of the Association. It is always a big challenge to get the ball get rolling, but the dedication of the present working committee members has managed to establish the association and a very special thanks goes to the members who offered their hands of support by becoming the members immediately.

EVAN has spread its wings and there is no stopping now. We expect to get all catering venues of Kathmandu to be members of EVAN in the first phase and soon after we intend to incorporate other Catering organizers from Patan,

News & Events
ty , 2014-1-23
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अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्र , 2012-12-30
इभेन्टस एण्ड भेन्यू यशोसियसन अफ नेपाल(पार्टि प्यालेस संघ, काठमाण्डौ) देहाय
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